Welcome to Tropical backyards!
Tropical and Balinese style gardens are becoming very popular. Customers are often wanting to recreate these environments in their own backyards but just don't know where to start. I run a small business and gardening is my passion. I have a wealth of knowledge on tropical style plants to suit our climate. I can assist you in creating the ideal backyard that will suit your budget and your life style.
I can assist you in many different ways:
  • Consultation - Discussing design, selecting plants, decor
  • Designing - Coming up with a design for your backyard
  • Creating- Creating your garden, installation of plants, rocks, edging etc
  • Restyling- Tidying, adding and removing plants, topping up bark, rock etc
  • Maintenance- Weeding, tidying, mowing 
  • Decor - Bali huts, water features, outdoor furniture, pots
  • Plant selection- Selecting plants that will suit our climate and your backyard
Please don't hesitate in contacting me for more information
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Melbourne Bali Garden
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